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Since 1999 "The World's Most Effective Rifle Carry Tool" 100% Guaranteed!

Simply the Most Secure - Hands Free Method to Carry Your Rifle or Shotgun!

Attach to Your Belt or Pack's Waist-strap

Fully Adjustable - Fits Most Rifles & Shotguns - Quick Access!


We Ship Worldwide!

It's Real Simple

If you have any question regarding whether any of the products we sell are for you, Just Try It!

It's 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Take any of our products, use them, beat em up! If you are not satisfied for any reason, send them back for a full refund less S&H.We can only recommend that all Shooter's learn about the latest innovations regarding rifle carry and transport. A hands on field trial is the only way to fully understand our unique designs.

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As we claim, our systems are superior to any other systems offered to the public or otherwise -and we gladly back it up. Our Patented technologies are proven by Sportsmen and Shooters throughout the world. All Materials and production items are purchased and assembled completely in the United States. You can count on the fact that all of the Products we make and sell are of highest quality. And at an affordable price.

If you decide to try one of our products and don't like them for any reason, send ‘em back for a refund!

"There is Nothing that Handles a Rifle or Shotgun Like the Gunslinger Corral, compact rifle holster!"



How to Use Your New Rifle/Shotgun Holster

. If you have any questions or feel you just don't get it, give us a call toll free at 1-800-358-0637

The Holster is designed to fit beneath the "Pistol Grip" of your weapon's stock. You will need to adjust the holster's "support hook" and "safety strap" to fit the rifle or shotgun you are planning to carry. Adjust the "support hook" by bending or twisting for desired results. Only slight adjustment should be necessary. The holster's "safety strap" should be tight. The "safety strap" will keep the weapon from bouncing in the holster (don't cut too much off the safety strap, leave for an easy grab and release).

Adjust Holster to gun. Mount the holster to the Mid section of your belt (if you are planning to mount the holster to a back pack, see Universal Back Pack Attachment instructions).

The rifle holster is designed to be worn at the center of the back. Stability will decrease when worn off to the side.

After fitting to your rifle or shotgun you will need to adjust your rifle sling. Your sling will keep your barrel controlled while the holster will secure the lower stock. Adjust your sling snugly but not restrictive. If you sling's adjustment is limited try raising or lowering your belt.

The Rifle Holster as shown above: Holster centered at back. Support hook beneath the weapons pistol grip. The safety strap is tight and secure (right handed access). Rifle sling is tight but not restrictive. Barrel behind right ear.Muzzle just above your head. -do not attempt to carry a weapon with a short barrel. The barrel should always end up above your head.


Access to your rifle

The Gunslinger Corral, compact rifle holster will stabilize a "shouldered firearm" as will as redistribute the weight of the rifle from the shoulders to the hips and lower back. practice with your New Rifle Holster for maximum results. One handed access will be quick and easy over time.

1. Release the "Safety Strap"

2. Lift the rifle stock slightly upward, out and around the support hook & you are ready for draw.


My weapon still slips off my shoulder: a.) Holster not centered on the belt b.) sling too lose c.) belt too high on your waist.

Holster is sliding around on my belt: a.) you can purchase a GC rifle belt equipped with holster stops $9.95 b.) try locating the holster between your trouser belt loops c.) the tactical boy's use 100 mph tape to lock it down on their belts. -when the sling is tight the holster will receive more resistance and needs to be stabilized on the user's belt. You must make sure that the holster is secured to the belt and the belt is also tight on your waist. Less tension will be required while doing less aggressive activities. If your just hiking, you won't need to be so tight.

The Holster/Rifle is pushing down down my belt: a.)Tighten your belt b.) tighten your rifle sling. c.) try an auxiliary belt over your waist belt d.) add suspenders to your belt

My jacket covers my holster/belt: a.) Try an auxiliary belt worn over your jacket or winter gear.

If you have any specific questions please contact us toll free at 1-800-358-0637







Compact Rifle Holster

Thank you,

Thanks to all of our Gunslinger friend's. You have helped support us through the early days and have given us the power to proceed with our mission of being the "world's premier rifle & shotgun transport solution". We are counting on you to help show the world's hunter's what it really means to be a GUNSLINGER! Read More

Dear Gunslinger Corral,

I am a legally blind hunter and experience a few more difficulties negotiating the woods than most hunters. In my right hand I carry a shooting stick (which also functions as my cane to ward off obstacles) and I hold my hunting partner's right arm with my left hand. In the past I've wished for a third to continually adjust my rifle sling or backpack. Your "Gunslinger" eliminated that problem and elevated my hunting experience to a level which I never thaught possible. On a recent turkey hunting trip, I used the "Gunslinger" for the first time. If you will pardon the cliche, it is the best thing since sliced bread. With the "Gunslinger" properly adjusted, I traversed Texas rocks,... Read More

Dear Gunslinger Corral,

I just wanted to thank you the rifle holster I just purchased this month. My brother and his friend also brought one. We all used the holster this past week hunting in Missouri, and I could not believe how well It worked. Our hunt involves a lot of walking to get to our tree stands and it was great not to hand carry my rifle. I also liked having the option of multiple positions to carry my rifle and still be able to release the rifle for a quick shot at a deer. That's again, your product is awesome! P.T. Fleming. Read More