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Dear Gunslinger Corral,

Posted by Mark Miller on

I am a legally blind hunter and experience a few more difficulties negotiating the woods than most hunters. In my right hand I carry a shooting stick (which also functions as my cane to ward off obstacles) and I hold my hunting partner's right arm with my left hand. In the past I've wished for a third to continually adjust my rifle sling or backpack. Your "Gunslinger" eliminated that problem and elevated my hunting experience to a level which I never thaught possible.

On a recent turkey hunting trip, I used the "Gunslinger" for the first time. If you will pardon the cliche, it is the best thing since sliced bread. With the "Gunslinger" properly adjusted, I traversed Texas rocks, oak and mesquite thickets, and cactus, with never a problem carrying my shotgun. Even in thick brush, where I had to bend low at the waist, my shotgun rode perfectly and never dropped off my shoulder. I cannot say this for previous hunts. I was forced to constantly stop and readjust my sling to keep my gun from sliding off my shoulder. NOT this Time!

I cannot wait for the fall deer season to try it again, knowing I can move with much less movement and commotion. I'll never go hunting again without my "Gunslinger".

Thank You for a wonderful Product!

S. McGowan - Texas Hunter

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