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November 2010

Posted by Mark Miller on

I just heard about your "rifle holster" system but, quite honestly, the website is confusing. I think my greatest need for your
product comes when I'm hiking with a pack and trying to keep my rifle or shotgun slung over the pack straps. A constant
nuisance as the gun sling tries to slide off my shoulder. Your system looks ideal.

My confusion is, I can't tell what items I need to order to have the option of securing the rifle in front of my chest. Your video
shows a couple ways to clip the rifle to the pack strap.

Yes, the holster may be used in three primary positions. Rear carry, side carry & front carry. The holster simply attaches to a belt or packs waiststrap. The rear carry does not require the "universal backpack attachment", the side carry and front carry will require the strap. The "Ultimate Hunter's Set" will include everything needed for all situations. $50 for the set.

Second question... I am hunting either with my Tikka rifle or my shotgun. Does your rigid 'holster' piece (the part worn on the
belt) fit most firearms or most these be ordered to fit specific stock sizes?

The holster will fit any rifle or shotgun with a "pistol grip" style stock. The holster is designed to be adjusted to a specific curvature in order to custom fit your various stock sizes and shapes. One holster should fit all of your rifles and shotguns.

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